Course Standards

 ‘It’s your course, let’s make it even better’

Castle Golf Club invests significant sums on an ongoing basis in ensuring our splendid course is maintained in excellent condition. We are determined to protect and maintain our course to the highest standards and to that end we would encourage all members and visitors to do their bit to ensure Castle Golf Club continues to be recognised as one of the leading parkland courses in Ireland.

We would strongly urge all members and visitors to;
  • Take and use divot bags
  • Repair your own and any other plug marks you see
  • Rake bunkers carefully, distributing sand evenly
  • Make sure you clean your shoes away from the putting surface
  • Use divot sand at par 3 tee boxes  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Your support will go a long way to enhancing our enjoyment of our round and in maintaining Castle’s reputation as a premier location for golf. 

Pace of Play
All members of Castle and visitors are required to maintain their proper position on the golf course and to play without undue delay.
Max Times:
Threeball 3 Hours 40 Minutes

Fourball 3 Hours 58 Minutes

Mobile Phones 
Voice calls on mobile phones are prohibited on the course except in cases of emergency or in the designated areas.  Please ensure your mobile phone is switched to silent at all times.