Guidance for members on returning scores for Handicapping purposes only (General Play Scores)
World Handicapping System (WHS) launched in Ireland in November 2020 and provides for a single set of handicapping rules and course rating system to apply worldwide for all golfers. Golf Ireland (GI) is responsible for WHS in Ireland and actively supports affiliated clubs to adopt the new system.
Under WHS, players are permitted to submit social/recreational scores over 9 or 18 holes for Handicap purposes. Such scores are known in WHS as General Play scores (& previously known as “supplementary” scores). Golf Ireland (GI) have just launched a new mobile App specifically for players to submit general play scores and which can be used at players’ Home or Away clubs anywhere in Ireland.          
For General Play scores to count towards handicap, the course you play must be in an Acceptable Score condition (similar idea to “qualifying”) meaning it has a current course and slope rating and the round is played acceptable formats of play include Individual Stroke play, stableford & vPar.
Castle GC members are advised of the following process regarding General Play scores:
  1. BEFORE going out to play, you must pre-register intent to submit a General play score using the Golf Ireland mobile App.
  1. Immediately after the round the player and the marker should verbally agree on the scores; the player submits the score on the day of play using the Golf Ireland App and digitally signs the screen when prompted.
  1. After entering your score on the App, you are prompted to select the marker (who must also be pre-registered). For the score to be included on your scoring record, the marker must verify the returned score when prompted by the GI App
  1. Note: If you register your intention to submit a general play score on the APP you MUST return a score. If you fail to submit a score you SHOULD notify the Handicap Secretary and return (copy of) the physical scorecard.  You can do this by email to [email protected].
In the unlikely event of the Golf Ireland App not being accessible on the day of play:
Pre-register manually by completing the “pre-registration form” located in your locker room.
Return the completed physical scorecard to the designated General Play scorecard box located in the locker room.
Send an email to [email protected] informing of the date of play & score returned.
If you are playing at an away club and the GI APP is not available, you should
  1. follow the local club procedure for pre-registration.
  2. return the fully completed physical scorecard* in the designated General Play Score card box located in Castle locker room as soon as possible after play  
  3. You must also submit evidence of pre-registration.
  4. send an email to [email protected] informing of the date of play, location & score.
  •  Fully Completed Card: Date; Course Handicap, Tees Played, Scores on each hole played, Printed Name of Marker + CDH number of Marker (if not a Castle member), Signed by player 
For more information or to download the Golf Ireland mobile App, click here

Handicap Secretary, Castle GC
Willie O’Brien, Mary Therese Fitzpatrick
April 27, 2021